Viscose Scarves / Stoles

Exporter of Viscose Stoles and Scarves – Viscose All Over over embroidered stoles and Rayon scarves, solider cutting, Patola Jaal & animal print face Design Stoles, and Satan Viscose reversible offered by Kavita fashions, New Delhi, Delhi

A type of semi-synthetic textile manufactured from regenerated cellulose fibres, viscose fabric is used to make viscose scarves. Viscose fabric has a soft, silky feel that is nice to wear, and it is frequently used as a cheaper alternative to more expensive natural fibres like silk.

Viscose scarves are well-liked for their adaptability and affordability and come in a wide range of colours, patterns, and styles. They can be thinner and more insulating for colder weather or thicker and more breathable for warmer weather, making them ideal for wearing in warm weather.
Scarves made of viscose can be used for both style and practicality. They can give a splash of colour or design to an ensemble and can be dressed up or down depending on the situation. They are also well-liked for its usefulness in protecting the face and neck from the sun, wind, and cold.

Viscose fabric can, however, be more fragile and prone to wrinkles than other textiles, thus it might call for extra caution when washing and storing.

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