Arafat Cotton Scarves

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Keffiyehs, also known as arafat scarves, are a common headpiece in the Middle East that have gained popularity all over the world. The scarf has a characteristic black and white checkered design with a pattern of stripes at the ends. It is normally made of cotton or wool.

To shield their faces from the sun, wind, and dust, Palestinian farmers and herders wore scarves at first. The scarf earned the nickname “Arafat scarf” because Yasser Arafat frequently wore it during the middle of the 20th century, making it a representation of Palestinian nationalism.

The Arafat scarf is now a common fashion item that is worn by individuals of various ages and religions.

A shemagh, often written “shamagh” or “keffiyeh,” is a customary headscarf worn by people in the Middle East. The shemagh resembles the Arafat scarf in look and has a characteristic black and white checkered pattern. However, it is frequently larger and may be folded in a variety of ways to provide varying degrees of coverage and weather protection.

The shemagh is a multifunctional garment worn in the Middle East to keep the wearer warm during cooler months as well as shield the head and face from the sun, wind, and dust. Moreover, it can occasionally be used as a towel, improvised bag, or even a sling for an injured arm.

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