Beach Pareo / Sarongs

Manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of products which include Floral Beach Sarong Towel, Rayon Pareos, Sarong Beach Wrap, Polyester Beach Pareo, Women’s Sarongs, Polyester Pareos and Hathi Mandala Pareo.
An item of clothing called a beach pareo, commonly referred to as a sarong, is typically used as a cover-up over swimsuit at the beach or pool. It is intended to be simple to wear and comfortable in warm weather and is constructed of lightweight, breathable fabric, frequently cotton or rayon.

Beach pareos are normally rectangular in shape and can be worn as a shawl, scarf, or tied or wrapped around the waist. They come in a range of hues, designs, and patterns, and are frequently adorned with fringes or tassels for extra style.
Beach pareos can be used as a towel to dry off after swimming or as additional protection from the sun, in addition to being a fashionable cover-up.
They are a well-liked option for beach getaways and tropical getaways because they are very simple to pack and carry.

Beach pareos are an all-around adaptable and stylish accessory that may improve any beach or poolside style while also having practical advantages.

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